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Dr. Frank M. Painter was first introduced to Shaklee nutrition in March of 1997.   Previously, he had been taking supplements, and felt "reassured" that he was doing the right thing for his health.   His sponsor challenged him to try the "High Energy Wellness Program" (today that would include Vitalizer and either the Energizing Soy or the Shaklee 180 Shake). Within that month he noticed significant improvements in his energy levels, endurance, and concentration.   Since that time he has whole-heartedly recommended Shaklee products to his patients.

Frank developed an interest in clinical research while he was attending Palmer College of Chiropractic.   While he was there he participated in several research projects, and he worked part-time in Palmer's Research department.   Dr. Painter graduated with Research Honors, and was later honored with a “Doctor-of-the-Year” award at the 1997 Centennial of Education Homecoming in Davenport, IA.   That plaque now hangs proudly in his adjusting room.

Frank had already been a contributor to the most-visited, non-commercial Chiropractic information web site www.Chiro.Org. When he was introduced to Shaklee products, he then created the Nutrition Section (www.Chiro.Org/nutrition/) to gather together non-solicitous, research-based information about the benefits of nutritional supplementation.   He also attended weekly nutrition meetings for almost 2 years at the home of his mentor Barbara Lagoni, where his knowledge and enthusiasm for supplementation continued to grow.

Although the Nutrition Section does not mention Shaklee products by name, when you look at the list of supplements you will observe that the “generic” supplement names are all related to Shaklee products.   For example, the ACIDOPHILUS section relates to the Optiflora system, BIOFLAVONOIDS relates to FlavoMax, etc. etc.

Dr. Painter was deeply honored when Dr. Miller approached him in 2006 about purchasing and managing the HealthQuest Newsletter.   He pledges to continue with Bruce's tradition of producing a newsletter that is both research-oriented and easily accessible to the average reader.

If you are interested, there is a more in-depth bio-information about Dr. Painter on is Alternative Care Chiropractic website.

If you are not already a subscriber to the Newsletter, e-mail me at Frankp@chiro.org and I'll be happy to mail you a few copies for your review.

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